Custom Rubber Compounds For Every Market


Just like your business, every customer of Dyna-Mix is unique in its own way. You have challenges in your market and you need a partner that is already an expert in your field. At Dyna-Mix, we have a broad formulary of approved recipes for every main market class in the rubber industry. Take a look at the markets that we serve. If your company is not represented below, learn more about how we can specifically develop a custom recipe for your product.


Wire and Cable

Compounding for wire & cable is a highly specialized field. The demand for superior dispersion, flame & smoke resistance, electrical resistivity and a vast array of colors sets the wire & cable industry apart from all others. Dyna-Mix Custom Rubber Compounding has the understanding and expertise to meet the demanding requirements of the wire & cable industry.

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas rubber market requires durable, highly engineered compounds that can withstand extreme conditions. Dyna-Mix Tyler plant is located in the heart of the oil patch industry and has expertise in developing and mixing key formulations used throughout the industry.  From downhole products to drilling systems, Dyna-Mix can help you engineer products that meet your stringent requirements.

Mining and Belting

Mining and belting customers require high abrasion and flame resistance for their rubber compounds. These compounds are formulated to last and perform well during the life of the product. See how our quality and consistency can provide you a long lasting product at a competitive price.


Compounding for automotive suppliers requires a high level of technical skill and product consistency that is unrivalled in the rubber industry. With extreme cost pressures, suppliers are expected to deliver product meeting specifications and delivered on-time. Dyna-Mix, as an ISO 9001 certified company meets these demands. Both molders and extrusion customers have come to know Dyna-Mix meets or exceeds their expectations.


Extrusion suppliers require short lead times and expertise in a variety of polymer types in both dense and sponge compounds. Dyna-Mix has a library of compounds that meet these requirements in addition to providing increased line speed while reducing scrap. Dyna-Mix prides itself on quick turnaround and great customer service. We see ourselves as an extension of your technical department developing materials designed specifically for your equipment and product.


Pipe gaskets, architectural seals and bridge pads are just a small part of the diverse construction market. Over the last 100 years in the rubber industry, we have seen, touched and developed every type of these products, and have the experience to bring our technical resources to work for your market.