Rubber Compound Development Services

Save money on staffing…

Why hire a full time rubber chemist?   Leave the headaches of recipe development and lab work to us. 
We have a technical staff that is experienced in creating new compounds that meet your specifications.  

Get a second opinion. … 

Is your compound not performing well?  We specialize in fixing rubber formulations with high scrap rates or low productivity.  We have the lab capabilities to fine tune your compound  to your equipment.

Quick Turnaround…

Fast - We are ready to move fast! Our technical department is efficient and nimble, and we can give you a go/no-go" response within 48 hours. We simply need to review the specifications of your compound to make sure it falls within our capabilities.

When problems arise, our first thought is Dyna-Mix. They listen, hear the issue, and solve the problem promptly. Reaction to changing conditions is the key to success.

Terry - Oil and Gas Customer

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